Meet a Member! Adam Bachmeyer

This month’s featured member (and our first ever featured member, now that you mention it) is Adam Bachmeyer. He’s not only an insanely fast swimmer, hard working triathlete, and super cool technology teacher, he’s also one of the most fun guys you’ll ever meet. As the Asheville Tri Club group training coordinator, Adam is the face you’ll see at Carrier Park on Saturday mornings, often accompanied by his wife Jenny or one of his four boys. We asked Adam a few random questions to help the club get to know him better!

1. How did you get into triathlon?

Adam shredding the bike course at  Xterra Panther Creek Triathlon 2013
Adam shredding the bike course at Xterra Panther Creek Triathlon 2013

When I was 13 (yeah that’s, ahem, 1983), I saw an ad for Ironman New Zealand in (I think) Bicycle magazine. I knew nothing of triathlon and had just started mountain biking. I began riding from Old Fort to Black Mountain every day after school and swam at the YWCA in Asheville once a week. We moved to Florida a couple of years later, and there were races everywhere! I won my age group and came in 7th overall in my first race, a “Biathlon” in West Palm Beach.

2. Tell us about a particularly memorable race experience.

I suppose I’ll talk about that first race. It was a super sprint “Biathlon” as they called them in those days, and consisted of a super-flat 7 mile bike sandwiched between two 1.5 mile runs. I had a borrowed time trial bike with toe clips, and wore running shoes the whole time.

My run training had consisted of a Ft. Lauderdale Road Runners track workout once a week and maybe another run of a few miles in the week but I biked a lot. I wish I could run like that again. 2nd one back in transition with 5:20 pace!

I remember having a blast on the bike despite being passed, but what I remember most was the rubber legs off the bike! I had never done a brick workout in my life, and I slipped to a just under 6 minute mile pace but gave it all I had, but hung on for top ten, and decimated my age group. My Dad had to hold me up at the finish line, and it was one of the many times I felt the gaze of his proud, twinkling eyes.

3. What’s the one thing you swear by in training or racing?

This also relates to that first race. My run training was definitely low mileage because I didn’t know any better. The only reason I can think of that I did is well as I did was the track workouts. My dad never let me miss one and they were organized by the area’s fastest runners … and they were hell!

I notice that when I make sure I’m consistently getting threshold and anaerobic intervals in at least once a week, on the bike and the run, I progressively get faster through the season. I need to GET ON those Maggot workouts!

4. If time and money were no object, what race would you be at this year?

I suppose that first inspiration: Ironman New Zealand, and I’ve always wanted to visit anyway.

5. What’s your favorite movie?

Hmm, I don’t really have favorites in art and music. 2001: A Space Odyssey maybe. And anything from David Lynch!

6. Pizza or Burritos?

Pizza is my Kryptonite…especially paired with a good craft beer.

7. Beach or mountains?

Always wanted to live where there were both.

8. Your feelings about mayonnaise?

Should always be made fresh with free range egg yolks and a nice olive oil. Mircale Whip is an abomination and not really mayonnaise.

9. Top three songs on your playlist are….

Playlist for painting, cooking, housework or workouts? I’m super eclectic, so they’re all really different. My First 3 Songs on one of my Bike Trainer Workout Playlists= Wilco, “Art of Almost”; Papa “Put Me To Work”; TV on the Radio, “Dancing Choose.”

10. Your main goal for this tri season.

A sub 5 hour Half Ironman.

Thanks Adam!

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