Join us! The 2nd Annual ATC Indoor Tri on March 22

All the coolest people do the Indoor Tri!
All the coolest people do the Indoor Tri!

Need a little kick in the hiney to jump-start your race season? Like things that are cheap, fun and rewarding?

Then don’t miss our 2nd Annual Indoor Triathlon at the Reuter Family YMCA in S. Asheville!

Saturday, March 22, 2014, 7:00 AM

What is it? A 15 minute pool swim, a 45 minute spin class, and a 5K run

This fun event is beginner-friendly, warm and safe, and a real bargain! Only $5 for YMCA members and $10 for non-members. Register in-person at the front desk of the Reuter Family YMCA any time between now and event morning. No online registration, and don’t try to sign up at other YMCA branches – they won’t know what you’re talking about.

“Course” Details:

1. 15 minute continuous swim (7-7:30 AM)

We’ll help you get into a lane with others close to your pace. At the whistle, you’ll start swimming laps. Just count them up until you hear the whistle blow again (we’ll help keep count for you, but it’s always a good idea for you to keep track too). No need to squeeze uncomfortably into a wetsuit and lament the weight you’ve gained over the winter, because this water is warm! Goggles, a swimsuit and yourself is all you need.

2. 45 minute spin class (7:45 -8:45 AM)

After you get out of the water, you can do a quick change into dry spin-class clothes in the locker room (but make it quick – you’ve got 15 minutes to get from the pool to the spin room). Then enjoy an intense spin class for your bike portion of the event. There’s no scoring or timing here – so as far as we’re concerned you’ve averaged 24 mph.

Go as hard as you want, or just spin your way through it (but make the determined face so no one will be able to tell). We’ll be throwing out some triathlon trivia during the class, so study up and you can win some great prizes! Bring your cycle shoes (some bikes are SPD and Look compatible), or your running shoes are fine too. We recommend tri shorts that you can run in too, but bike shorts are fine. Bring a towel, though, because you’ll sweat!

3. 5K run (9:00 until you finish AM)

After your spin class, we’ll gather outside for the last leg, a 5K run on the paved /groomed path around Biltmore Park. You’ll have a quick minute to change into running shorts if you span in full bike shorts.┬áThere are a few hills on this run, but nothing too bad (like that bothers you anyway). This is the only part that’s outdoors and possible a little chilly, so pack a jacket just in case.

Post-event, we’ll have munchies and beverages for you and more prizes for top finishers (or maybe just for anyone…). We’ll post results (your # laps swam + 5K time) on our website. Here’s a link to last year’s results and event summary. See you there!

Questions? Contact Ryan Madamba

2 thoughts on “Join us! The 2nd Annual ATC Indoor Tri on March 22

  1. Awesome time today everyone! Capacity crowd!!!! Thanks Ryan and Julie for heading up such a fun and awesome event!!!

    The only thing better than getting Kits recipe for banana chocolate chip bread is having her make them for every event, any other fans??

    1. Thanks, Matt! We’re so glad you and everyone else could make it out! Great to welcome new members Beth, Maura, Carly and Gwen too! May be able to work something out for the banana bread ….part of VIP race tent?

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