Grand Prix Schedule




May 10                Clemson Triathlon

May 17                Lake James Duathlon or Triathlon

June 1                  Xterra Tsali

June 21               Enka Triathlon at Biltmore Lake

July 20                Asheville Triathlon

Aug 2                  Lake Logan International

Aug 2                   Lake Logan Half

Aug 3                  Lake Logan Sprint

Aug 16                Lake Lure Triathlon

Aug 17               LPC Triathlon

Sept 14         Du the Asheville Du

Oct. 12                 Dig the Du

NEW in 2014: Wild Card!!!
Add the tri of your choice to your Grand Prix. This can be anywhere, any distance before December 1, 2014.


 Person must be a current club member before June 1 to score for any race before that date; after June 1 person must be a current club member at the time of the race to score

  • The top 4 races of each participant will be used to determine the Grand Prix standings.
  • Scoring will be done similar to Set Up Events series’
    • Average of top 5 male and female times will establish the base time for each gender (this will not include the pro times)
    • Based time will be divided by member time and then multiplied by the Event Weight to determine the Event Score
    • Event weights; Sprint 0.90, International/Half 0.92,  Duathlon 0.90, Xterra 0.90
  • Participant must notify Lizzie they have raced an event or volunteered at an event in order to be scored. A simple race reporting form to submit your races is here.
  • Standings will be posted monthly on web site
  • No minimum number of races
  • There will be CASH prizes awarded to the top 5 in each gender at the Fall party.
  • All grand prix participants with receive a participation award at the Fall party.