Grand Prix

Asheville Triathlon Club Grand Prix


  • Person must be a current club member before June 1 to score for any race before that date; after June 1 person must be a current club member at the time of the race to score
  • The top 4 races(only one of these may be a non grand prix race) of each participant will be used to determine the Grand Prix standings.
  • Scoring will be calculated using math similar to Set Up Events NCTS series standings

o   Average of top 5 overall times will establish the base time for each gender

o   Based time will be divided by member time and then multiplied by the Event Weight to determine the Event Score

  • You must submit your race results in order to be scored.  Report your Grand Prix results here!
  • Standings will be posted periodically on our site. No minimum number of races to participate, but if you have only 2 or 3 races, you probably won’t win even if you are Mirinda Carfrae.
  • Prizes will be awarded to top 5 in each gender at our Christmas party

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