2013 Avl Tri Club Indoor Tri Results & Photos

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us at the 2013 Indoor Triathlon at the Reuter Y. We had a great time and hope to see you at some upcoming multi-sport races in 2013!  Great job everyone!
Please support & say thank you to the wonderful folks at the Mosaic Cafe & Coffee House who provided delicious pastries and Neo Burrito for the breakfast burritos. Also, to all our community sponsors including Foot Rx, Motion Makers, Hammer Nutrition and more!   Thanks to Julie Springsteen and Daphne Kirkwood and all the great volunteers including Lou Constance HippsJulia Schneider and everyone at the YMCA that made it such a fun event!
2013 Indoor Tri Results 
NAME                      SWIM LAPS                 RUN TIME
Janae Turner               19.5                           26:04
Matt Ledford                18.5                           23:09
Liz Hager                    18.5                           24:42
Mark Domby               17                              33:59
Christopher Weaver     17                              24:29
Roger Boline               16                              31:14
Simone Yamazaki       15.5                           28:37
Justin McCreely          15                              30:33
Tammy Harnett           13.5                           28:43
Trisha Kelly                13.5                           34:36
Katharyn Higdon         13                              33:52
Blake Cloniger            13                              21:42
Ashley Alexander        9.5                            23:45
Caroline Hunter            7                              32:43

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